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  • New and Rebuilt Air Conditioning System Part Sales
  • New Charge Air Cooler and Intercooler Sales
  • New Fan Assembly Sales
  • New Fuel Tank Sales
  • Radiator Repair, Rod out, and Recore
  • Fuel Tank Boil and Repair


     Our first concern is what is best for the customer. The favorable pricing on new replacement parts and the relatively high cost of labor to repair old parts make replacement the better value in most cases. We source our parts from the very best aftermarket manufacturers, insisting on “meet-or-exceed” factory specification standards that most manufacturers simply don’t live up to. There are however, those classic, industrial, and “one of a kind” applications that do mandate and justify repair, and we are here to help with those needs. All repairs are handled by experienced craftsmen and meet the highest industry standards.

     We deliver to commercial clients in Sacramento, California and the surrounding communities, and utilize the services of UPS, Efficiency, and OnTrac to best meet the needs of our regional and national clients.